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Time Traveling

by The Flavor Foundation

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SHINE! 05:23
Verse 1: One fine day, I was hanging around The perfect time to mess around with the sound So off to the lab I go, to do my thing Make a beat that's a treat, write a rhyme or sing Closing my eyes and focusing in on the zone Creating while guided by the Muse alone Then suddenly, I rose high in the air Past the clouds in this out-of-body affair  Going fast into outer space Weaving thru the stars at a blinding pace At the speed of light, by the planets I race Time was gone - vanished without a trace Then near the sun, a voice says to me: "U are my child so let yourself be   What I made you to be - a grand design U're a star my son - go forth and SHINE!" Verse 2  --------- In amazement…  To this voice I replied: "Who are you and can you tell me why… you chose to speak to me in this way tell me exactly what U wanna say" The voice replied, "What I say is true… I am the one that created you... Anything and everything, big or small near and far, short and tall up or down, left or right…. positive and negative, dark and light… I'm the one who gave U an ear for the groove to make it real funky or to make it smooth... I gave you the skills to freak the beat That makes all the listeners tap their feet... And nod their heads while keeping time - Just like I told you - You're designed to SHINE! Verse 3 ----------- The voice said "I want U know and to understand That everything is going according to plan Even if 2 U things don't make sense Go all out, don't straddle the fence; Keep on doing what U're born to do And remember 'to thine's own self be true'... So no more doubts or contemplation Go back to the lab and make a dope creation... We know music is your stimulation Hence the birth of The Flavor Foundation By the way, your Mom and Dad say 'Hi' They're chillin' at my crib: Heaven Divine" And just like that, to my surprise I'm back in the lab when I open my eyes Took a trip thru time & space - all inside my mind No time to waste y'all - SHINE!
Layers 05:02
It's OK 05:01
Verse 1: It's OK - I must say That I display The fortitude to go my own way   It's OK - to serve my insight Follow my inner light And do what's right   It's OK - stick to the golden rule Take care of my business And never ever play the fool   It's OK and the perfect time Let the track breathe Like a bottle of vintage wine   It's OK - to just be me And focus my 3rd eye vision So I can see   It's OK - to call the sounds ELITE Lace the beats with love And don't stop until complete   It's OK - how I live my life I Cherish what's real:  Music, my sons and my wife   It's OK - tomorrow or today Just do you, whether work or play... It's OK…   ----------------------------------- Bridge:  It's OK to add a bridge in the middle... If only to change up the vibe just a little   The end result? I changed the direction All from adding this minute section   It's cool to create what I feel That's what makes the gratification so real   Job well done and that was that Now I take it back to vibe at the start of the track…   ----------------------------------- Verse 2: It's OK - was the name of my thesis Music moves my soul like telekinesis Positivity - All negative ceases Filling in the blanks and picking up the pieces It's OK - here's the end of the rhyme Gonna let the beat flow for the rest of the time  B4 I go, feel the tempo The highs, the lows... I improvise - check the solo ....  
Over And Out 05:02
  Time Traveling Space…Unraveling Across the years I go Slicing through the air, like a javelin;  My Mind's at peace and at ease As I go where I please 2 See the future or the past It's all up to me Do I go back in time to try 2 fix my past mistakes? Or go ahead in the future to see where my path will take me?   Or go hundreds of years to see the evolution of men? Or stay in the here and now and wonder what could've been? Or travel back in time to see folks long gone; Historical figures, music legends, friends, departed loved ones; Or jump ahead to see me in the the winter of my years To see my sons and their families - hopefully both with good careers Maybe go back and see the day that I met my lovely wife Or the birth of my sons - 3 days that changed my life The best Christmas, my first kiss, and when I made my first song; Or when Daddy taught me how to ride my bike without him along It was a wonderful trip but now its time to go; Cause what the future really holds - only God knows I cherish the ride and where I've been But while I wait on my future, I can open my mind and close my eyes again and go Time Traveling...
Slow Burn 03:48
7th Heaven 05:05
Five To One 04:58
Beginnings 05:05


released July 20, 2013


all rights reserved



The Flavor Foundation Illinois

TFF was born out of an all-encompassing passion for music. It’s the core of who I am – my foundation, if you will.

The TFF style: A blend of Heavy traces of 80′s style Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz. If the vibe feels right, in the end, that's all the matters. If it gets your head bobbing, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Peace and Enjoy,

Big Ken
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